Our Mission

"The workplace, corporate real estate and co-working industries have gone through a shift over the past couple of months and will continue going through tremendous changes.


The forced experiment of remote working has put in motion rethinking the role of the office space, remote work and employee experience. Our mission is to engage the talented people who have the expertise, knowledge, passion and creativity needed to help build the future of work.

In an effort to make certain our industry is not losing this wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as to better streamline the job search process, we have built Workplaced."

Parin & Nellie


Workplace Construction & Design


Digital Transformation &

Employee Experience Designer

Parin Ahmadi, Co-founder Workplaced and Owner's Rep in CRE- Workplace Project Management for various firms such as JLL, NGKF, The CRE Group and Knotel delivering projects for Capital One, Stripe, Brex, Sonder and Sonos etc. Parin's expertise in construction project management and passion about community fuels her ability to build beautiful spaces that spur end-user creativity/engagement, promote balance and drive growth.

Nellie Hayat, Co-founder of Workplaced and former Workplace Strategist at Stripe. Nellie now works with the most innovative tech companies to design their employee and workplace experiences. She helps them create and implement programs that foster happiness, wellbeing, inclusion, belonging, engagement, and performance with a strong focus on employees’ mental, physical and emotional health for the long-term success of companies