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Workplaced is the only platform that gets you in touch with experts in commercial real estate, workplace design, employee engagement and wellness. 

Meet some of the industry experts who design and build world–class employee & workplace experiences for the top most successful companies in the world. 

Let's design a world for a happy, healthy and engaged workforce
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Just what our industry needs. I almost started to build a similar database myself, but needed support. We're in this together and will be stronger when we support each other. Check out Workplaced, post available jobs, upload your resume if you're looking. It's the platform for today. #workplace #realestate #architectureanddesign #facilitiesmanagement

Carolyn Clark Beedle 

Director of Audience Development - One Workplace


I stumbled across your site a few weeks ago via a 'like' on LinkedIn and wanted to send a kudos your way! I've searched a bit for a site like this one and nothing really exists for this industry here in the NY area. Your mission and intent is something that is needed in the Workplace community at this time. 

Val Prosianos

Workplace Experience Strategy, previously at Snap

We're in good company
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Project #1000Hire

RED Bay Area

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